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With over 10 years in the technology and phone repair business The Phone Specialist has decided to put its family passion onto the market. Our family owned business strives to achieve excellence and satisfaction to all our valued customers. At The Phone Specialist our biggest target is customer satisfaction. We ensure every piece of effort is put into everything we do. At Our Specialised technicians reassure our customers that any phone given in for repair is in safe hands, and is sure to be repaired  to the best of standards. 

Our guarantee to you

At The Phone Specialist we only work with the best of products to ensure customer satisfaction is reached. Parts that need to be replaced are only purchased from the best of suppliers which means we are more than pleased to offer you a great guarantee. So what is our guarantee to you? 

At the phone specialist  all iPhone screen replacement we offer 2 types of screens 

  1. OEM Screens (original): original screens come very similar to that of Apple and as a result tend to have a higher price bracket. Any screen replaced under this category will include  6 months warranty (excludes screen breakage or damaged caused by customer) to offer our customers the peace of mind they deserve 
  2. After-market screens: Our After Market screens are also of best quality however come as a copy to that of the original and tend to have a lower price bracket to the original. however to also offer you a peace of mind we offer our customers 3 months warranty (excludes screen breakage or damaged caused by customer) for screens replaced under this category.  

For all other Screen replacements we only use original screens with the peace of mind of 3 months warranty.  

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